5th Youth Women National Boxing Championship at Ramhlum Sports Complex, Aizawl, at Mizoram from 2009-12-07 to 2009-12-11
Programme 10th Dec,2009(Silver)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
52 48 RED A. Punyavathi Andhra Pradesh  Silver
BLUE Hema Yogesh Kerala
56 54 RED N Toniabala Chanu Arunachal Pradesh  Silver
BLUE Kros Hmangaihsangi Mizoram
61 60 RED Y Gita Devi Manipur  Silver
BLUE Jharana Sanghavi Andhra Pradesh
64 69 RED Diksha Sharad Awhad Maharashtra  Silver
BLUE Sarbjeet Kaur Punjab
68 81 RED M. Lalhmingmawii Mizoram  Silver
BLUE Maya Poudel Uttar Pradesh

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