29th Senior Men State Boxing Championship at Jabalpur at Madhya Pradesh from 2011-01-28 to 2011-01-31
Programme January 29, 2011(Quarter-Fin)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
6 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Ramkrishan TTNS  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Vikash Sharma BSC
7 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Mohan Soni JDBA  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Hemant Rao Boiphode IND
8 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Manjeet Singh GEL  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Kripashankar STCJ
9 Fly 52 Kg RED Rohit Dhanuk STCJ  Quarter-Fin
10 Fly 52 Kg RED Naveen Kumar GEL  Quarter-Fin
BLUE G Mithun Sharma BSC
11 Bantam 56 Kg RED Dinesh AIP  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Mujffar Noor UJJ
12 Bantam 56 Kg RED Rajpal Nagliya GEL  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Abhishek Kumar Sen IND
13 Bantam 56 Kg RED Mukesh Kumar STCJ  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Chandrajeet Singh Yadav REVA
14 Bantam 56 Kg RED Abdul Imran STCB  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Mayank Singh Pavaiya BSC
15 Light 60 Kg RED Sushil Kumar Sharma TTNS  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Shahansha STCJ
16 Light 60 Kg RED Ashok Kumar Pal JDBA  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Shankar Lal Dhodhariya IND
17 Light 60 Kg RED G Dinesh Sharma BSC  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Bhushan Rao STCB
18 Light 60 Kg RED Shailesh Kumar REVA  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Sanjay Kumar Das DEV
19 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Vivek Shrivastav BSC  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Ajay Kumar STCB
20 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Anand Namdeo IND  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Manoj Kumar Singh REVA
21 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Pankaj Modi UJJ  Quarter-Fin
BLUE L. Bishorjit Singh DEV
22 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Raja Jain GEL  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Nitish Yadav TTNS
23 Welter 69 Kg RED Mahendra Singh Bhadoriya GEL  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Ramvilas Yadav BSC
24 Welter 69 Kg RED Bheem DEV  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Md. Akhtar Khan AIP
25 Middle 75 Kg RED Ravindra Patcha BSC  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Satish Kumar Dubey IND
26 Middle 75 Kg RED Pradip Kumar Ghosh STCJ  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Avinash Tripathi GEL
27 Middle 75 Kg RED Ajay TTNS  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Mandeep Kumar Singh JDBA
28 Middle 75 Kg RED Akash Girjapurkar DEV  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Krishna Thapa STCB

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