34th National Games (Women Boxing) 2011 at Jamshedpur at Jharkhand from 2011-02-12 to 2011-02-26
Programme February 21, 2011(Quarter-Fin)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
18 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Krishna Thapa Madhya Pradesh  Quarter-Fin 03:00 PM
BLUE Madhusmita Sahoo Orissa
19 Light Fly 48 Kg RED DIMPLE BAMRAH Jharkhand  Quarter-Fin 03:15 PM
BLUE Hemanti Mehta Uttarakhand
20 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Vanlal Duati Tripura  Quarter-Fin 03:30 PM
21 Light Fly 48 Kg RED MONITA DEVI Arunachal Pradesh  Quarter-Fin 03:45 PM
BLUE Shabana Delhi
22 Fly 51 Kg RED L Sarita Devi Manipur  Quarter-Fin 04:00 PM
BLUE Rebecca Lalinmawii Mizoram
23 Fly 51 Kg RED Vinita Mahar Uttarakhand  Quarter-Fin 04:15 PM
24 Fly 51 Kg RED A. Punyavathi Andhra Pradesh  Quarter-Fin 04:30 PM
BLUE Ritu Kumari Jharkhand
25 Fly 51 Kg RED Pinky Jangra Haryana  Quarter-Fin 04:45 PM
BLUE N Toniabala Chanu Arunachal Pradesh
26 Bantam 54 Kg RED Dolly Singh West Bengal  Quarter-Fin 05:00 PM
27 Bantam 54 Kg RED Suman Haryana  Quarter-Fin 05:15 PM
BLUE Geeta Solanki Delhi
28 Bantam 54 Kg RED PRIYANKA KHANDEPARKAR Goa  Quarter-Fin 05:30 PM
BLUE Mamta Kumari Panda Orissa
29 Bantam 54 Kg RED SUSHMA KUMARI Jharkhand  Quarter-Fin 05:45 PM
BLUE Ph. Sony Chanu Manipur
30 Feather 57 Kg RED MANDAKINI CHANN Jharkhand  Quarter-Fin 06:00 PM
BLUE Kavita Bhatt Uttar Pradesh
31 Feather 57 Kg RED Priyanka Chaudhary Uttarakhand  Quarter-Fin 06:15 PM
BLUE Dorothy Lalchhanhimi Mizoram
32 Feather 57 Kg RED Pavitra Haryana  Quarter-Fin 06:30 PM
BLUE Hemam Chaoba Devi Manipur
33 Feather 57 Kg RED Pwilao Basumatary Assam  Quarter-Fin 06:45 PM
BLUE Rinki Singh Andhra Pradesh
34 Light 60 Kg RED Meena Rani Uttar Pradesh  Quarter-Fin 07:00 PM
BLUE Sangeeta Kumari Uttarakhand
35 Light 60 Kg RED SAGAR TOKAS Delhi  Quarter-Fin 07:15 PM
BLUE Meena Jharkhand
36 Light 60 Kg RED JIJI VARGHESE Kerala  Quarter-Fin 07:30 PM
37 Light 60 Kg RED LEISHANGTHEM RADIA DEVI Manipur  Quarter-Fin 07:45 PM
BLUE Monica Saun Punjab

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