2nd Youth Women Haryana State Boxing Championships at Mahandergarh at Haryana from 2011-09-15 to 2011-09-18
Programme September 16, 2011(Preliminary)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
7 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Renu PNP  Preliminary Afternoon
8 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Rimpy SBA  Preliminary Afternoon
BLUE Jaspreet Kaur SNP
9 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Neeraj MGH  Preliminary Afternoon
BLUE Deepika YNG
10 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Reena FTB  Preliminary Afternoon
BLUE Manisha GGN
11 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Sunita AMB  Preliminary Afternoon
BLUE Sangeeta PKL
12 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Nitu Kumari RWI  Preliminary Afternoon
BLUE Savita Saini KTL
13 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Jyoti Rani CRBA  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Arti Bamla FBD
14 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Anshu Yadav BRBA  Preliminary Afternoon

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