6th Junior Women National Boxing Championships at Patiala, Punjab from 2011-09-24 to 2011-09-29
Programme September 25, 2011(Preliminary)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
9 Pin 46 Kg RED Rajwanti Kaur Punjab  Preliminary Morning
BLUE P Siresha Andhra Pradesh
10 Pin 46 Kg RED Priyanka Soni Madhya Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Yuman Sofiya Manipur
11 Pin 46 Kg RED Sonia Haryana  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Ashima Sharma Chandigarh
12 Pin 46 Kg RED Aarti Bundele Maharashtra  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Khusboo Tokas Delhi
13 Pin 46 Kg RED Shivani Singh Uttar Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Padma Chetry Assam
14 Pin 46 Kg RED Puspa Lamichaney Sikkim  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Neha Singh Uttarakhand
15 Pin 46 Kg RED Sumitha Thomas Kerala  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Taruna Himachal Pradesh
16 Pin 46 Kg RED Mary Nagaland  Preliminary Morning
BLUE B. Jayapradhan Tamilnadu
17 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Neetu Tokas Delhi  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Simranjot Kaur Chandigarh
18 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Rajesh Narwal Haryana  Preliminary Morning
BLUE H. Chanchan Devi Manipur
19 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Neelam Saini Himachal Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Priyanka Rani Punjab
20 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Banita Behera Orissa  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Gradhi Bhargavi Poornima Andhra Pradesh
21 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Deepa Gond Uttar Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Vabiya Gurung Sikkim
23 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Sandhya Das Chattishgarh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Neelam Mehta Uttarakhand
24 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Amita Rathod Madhya Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Lalenkawli Mizoram
25 Fly 50 Kg RED Niukali Nagaland  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Shivani Dahiya Delhi
26 Fly 50 Kg RED Heikrujam Dayarani Devi Manipur  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Samina Khatoon Bihar
27 Fly 50 Kg RED Kirandeep Kaur Punjab  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Neelam Saini Haryana
28 Fly 50 Kg RED Pooja Himachal Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Charandeep Kaur Chandigarh
29 Fly 50 Kg RED Nirmla Gurung Sikkim  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Jenny Lalremsangi Mizoram
30 Fly 50 Kg RED Maina Rajput Assam  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Virghat Sapna Dadarao Maharashtra
31 Fly 50 Kg RED Nammi Neelima Andhra Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Purnima Rajput Madhya Pradesh
32 Fly 50 Kg RED Sruthimol Sasi Kerala  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Divya Rawat Uttarakhand
33 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Ch Puspa Devi Manipur  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Nivedita Uttarakhand
34 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Jyoti Pandey Uttar Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Adsul Prajkta Maharashtra
35 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Lalfakzuali Mizoram  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Priya Nayak Delhi
36 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Nikhath Zareena Andhra Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Priyanka Bihar
37 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Lakhyamoni Gogoi Assam  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Lalita Gurung Sikkim
38 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Harsha Yogesh Kerala  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Ranjana Anand Punjab
39 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Shashi Kushwaha Madhya Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Chetna Saini Haryana
40 Bantam 54 Kg RED G. Monisha Tamilnadu  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Simranjit Kaur Punjab
41 Bantam 54 Kg RED Nemkhochong Khongsai Manipur  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Bhise Reshma Maharashtra
42 Bantam 54 Kg RED Sonam Chaudhary Uttar Pradesh  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Keneingoselu Nagaland
43 Bantam 54 Kg RED Deepa Bisht Uttarakhand  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Mudrika Rajasthan
44 Bantam 54 Kg RED Pinky Kachary Assam  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Surabhi Hakhera Haryana
45 Bantam 54 Kg RED Lalruatfeli Mizoram  Preliminary Morning
BLUE I Adhivasantha Lakshmi Andhra Pradesh
46 Feather 57 Kg RED Nisha Delhi  Preliminary Morning
BLUE S Ronibala Devi Manipur
47 Feather 57 Kg RED Muskan Punjab  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Saara Afsaroddin Qureshi Maharashtra
48 Feather 57 Kg RED Babita Rai Sikkim  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Pooja Chaudhary Uttar Pradesh
49 Feather 57 Kg RED Soniya Mishra Uttarakhand  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Manju Basumatary Assam

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