6th Junior Women National Boxing Championships at Patiala, Punjab from 2011-09-24 to 2011-09-29
Programme September 28, 2011(Semi-Finals)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
86 Pin 46 Kg RED Yuman Sofiya Manipur  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sonia Haryana
87 Pin 46 Kg RED Padma Chetry Assam  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE B. Jayapradhan Tamilnadu
88 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Neetu Tokas Delhi  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Priyanka Rani Punjab
89 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Mizu Duwarah Assam  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Lalenkawli Mizoram
90 Fly 50 Kg RED Heikrujam Dayarani Devi Manipur  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Neelam Saini Haryana
91 Fly 50 Kg RED Maina Rajput Assam  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Purnima Rajput Madhya Pradesh
92 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Ch Puspa Devi Manipur  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Lalfakzuali Mizoram
93 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Nikhath Zareena Andhra Pradesh  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Ranjana Anand Punjab
94 Bantam 54 Kg RED Delma Jose Kerala  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Simranjit Kaur Punjab
95 Bantam 54 Kg RED Deepa Bisht Uttarakhand  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Lalruatfeli Mizoram
96 Feather 57 Kg RED G. Shara Andhra Pradesh  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Anjana Kumari Himachal Pradesh
97 Feather 57 Kg RED S Ronibala Devi Manipur  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Manju Basumatary Assam
98 Light 60 Kg RED Shaily Singh Uttar Pradesh  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Deeksha Chhoda Haryana
99 Light 60 Kg RED Jyotsna Doley Assam  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Neeraj Punjab
100 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Indu Bala Punjab  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Shashi Kala Himachal Pradesh
101 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Mahak Chadar Madhya Pradesh  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Babita Bisht Uttarakhand
102 Welter 66 Kg RED Shiwani Bharti Bihar  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE L. Tombiamcha Devi Manipur
103 Welter 66 Kg RED Mukesh Haryana  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sattivada Marthamma Andhra Pradesh
104 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Rajji Punjab  Semi-Finals Evening
BLUE Babita Basera Uttarakhand
105 Middle 75 Kg RED Bhosale Aarti Maharashtra  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Raman Deep Kaur Sidhu Punjab
106 Middle 75 Kg RED M Pandeeswari Tamilnadu  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Preeti Haryana
107 Light Heavy 80 Kg RED Pema Chottan Himachal Pradesh  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Satav Snehal Maharashtra
108 Light Heavy 80 Kg RED Diksha Haryana  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Varsha Rani Bihar
109 Heavy 81+ Kg RED Anisha Haryana  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Kodanati Krishna Priya Andhra Pradesh

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