2nd Inter-Zonal Women National Boxing Championship at N.T.R Stadium, Guntur at Andhra Pradesh from 2011-03-24 to 2011-03-27
Programme March 24, 2011(Quarter-Fin)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
1 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Archana Borate West Zone  Quarter-Fin 6:55
BLUE Pooja Haryana
2 Light Fly 48 Kg RED A. Punyavathi Andhra Pradesh  Quarter-Fin 7:23
3 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Mamta Devi East Zone  Quarter-Fin 7:38
BLUE P. Nirosha South Zone
4 Fly 51 Kg RED Madhusmita Sahoo East Zone  Quarter-Fin 7:49
BLUE Ritu Ranga Haryana
5 Fly 51 Kg RED Dolly Singh Andhra Pradesh  Quarter-Fin 8:10
BLUE Aaliya Khan North Zone
6 Feather 57 Kg RED Rohini Kaushik Haryana  Quarter-Fin 8:22
BLUE Manjit Kolekar West Zone
7 Welter 69 Kg RED Babita Haryana  Quarter-Fin 8:35
BLUE Jharana Sanghavi Andhra Pradesh
8 Welter 69 Kg RED AKTARY KHANAM East Zone  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Saweety Boora North Zone
9 Middle 75 Kg RED Jagriti Center Zone  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Priyanka Choudhary North Zone
10 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Maya Poudel Center Zone  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE D. Satya Ratnam Andhra Pradesh
11 Super Heavy +81 Kg RED Poonam Vishnoi Center Zone  Quarter-Fin 9:25
BLUE B V Padmavathi South Zone

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