13th SENIOR WOMEN STATE BOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS AT BHIWANI at Haryana from 2014-06-26 to 2014-06-28
Programme June 28, 2014(Finals)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
49 45-48 Kg Light Fly RED Sweety RTK  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Reetu Sharma GGN
50 48-51 Kg Fly RED Neeraj MGH  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Ritu Grewal BWN-A
51 51-54 Kg Bantam RED Neeraj Ghanghas PNP  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sonia Lather Singh HSR-B
52 54-57 Kg Feather RED Munesh BWN-A  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sunita Garg HP
53 57-60 Kg Light RED Rekha Tevatia PWL  Finals Afternoon
54 60-64 Kg Light Welter RED Jagriti HSR-B  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Priyanka Choudhary BWN-A
55 64-69 Kg Welter RED Asha GGN  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Rohini Kaushik FBD
56 69-75 Kg Middle RED Pooja BWN-A  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Komal Hooda RTK
57 75-81 Kg Heavy RED Saweety Boora HSR-A  Finals Afternoon
58 81+ Kg Super Heavy RED Nidhi Chopra HSR-A  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Asiya Ansari YNR

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