16th Senior(Elite) Women National Boxing Championshp - 2015 at New Bongaigaon, Guwahati, Assam from 2015-10-27 to 2015-11-01
Programme October 28, 2015(Preliminary)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
13 48-51 Kg Fly RED Deepika Verma MP  Preliminary Morning
14 48-51 Kg Fly RED Lalita Gurung SKM  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Rina Kumari BIH
15 48-51 Kg Fly RED Gulshan DND  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Shabana ORI
16 48-51 Kg Fly RED Sanasri Brahma ASM  Preliminary Morning
17 48-51 Kg Fly RED Anjali Mehta AIP  Preliminary Morning
18 48-51 Kg Fly RED Vanlal Duati MIZ  Preliminary Morning
BLUE elinda mukhim MEG
19 48-51 Kg Fly RED G. Sujatha AP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Jyoti Pandey UP
19 48-51 Kg Fly RED G. Sujatha AP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE jyoti RAJ
20 48-51 Kg Fly RED Parminder Kaur PUN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Neelam Mehta UTK
21 48-51 Kg Fly RED Sunita CHD  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Meenakshi RSPB
22 51-54 Kg Bantam RED munesh kumari TRI  Preliminary Morning
BLUE mamidi rajitha TEL
23 51-54 Kg Bantam RED Mamta Devi HP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE sarbjeet kaur BIH
24 51-54 Kg Bantam RED Neha Bhambu RAJ  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Lalruatfeli MIZ
25 51-54 Kg Bantam RED shikhsa chand UTK  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Shiksha HAR
26 51-54 Kg Bantam RED Sonia UP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Sonam Nayak MP
27 51-54 Kg Bantam RED Ritu CHD  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Manju Basumatary ASM
28 51-54 Kg Bantam RED Renu J&K  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Lakeeya Soibam ARU
29 54-57 Kg Feather RED erena kharnaior MEG  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Ranuka Subba SKM
30 54-57 Kg Feather RED Anjali Machahary ASM  Preliminary Morning
31 54-57 Kg Feather RED manpreet kaur PUN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Priyanka Soni MP
32 54-57 Kg Feather RED Neelam Saini POND  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Sunita Garg J&K
33 54-57 Kg Feather RED Geeta Solanki DEL  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Rumi Gogoi ASM
34 57-60 Kg Light RED Mukeh Kumari HAR  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Lalrinnungi MIZ
35 57-60 Kg Light RED Arensangla NAG  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Shiwani Bharti BIH
36 57-60 Kg Light RED swathi sharma TEL  Preliminary Morning
BLUE sapna mandaliya MP
37 57-60 Kg Light RED Priyanka Thakur PUN  Preliminary Morning

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