Federation Cup Boxing Championships 2008-09 at Rajeev Gandhi Stadium,Vizianagaram, at Andhra Pradesh from 2009-02-25 to 2009-02-28
Programme 28th Feb,2009(Finals)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
69 Light Fly 48 RED K Chiranjeevi RSPB  Finals
BLUE L Devendro Singh S.S.C.B
70 Fly 51 RED Paramjeet Singh S.S.C.B  Finals
BLUE Mukesh Kumar RSPB
71 Bantam 54 RED M Venkatesh RSPB  Finals
BLUE Sunil Sharma S.S.C.B
72 Feather 57 RED K Roshan Singh S.S.C.B  Finals
BLUE Manjeet Singh Haryana
73 Light 60 RED Harish Singh Haryana  Finals
BLUE Satpal Singh RSPB
74 Light Welter 64 RED Vijay Thapa Meghalaya  Finals
75 Welter 69 RED Kishan Thapa Meghalaya  Finals
BLUE Sanbeer S.S.C.B
76 Middle 75 RED Jagmeet Singh S.S.C.B  Finals
BLUE Rahul Kumar Delhi
77 Light Heavy 81 RED Vijay Hooda RSPB  Finals
BLUE Mukesh Kumar RSPB
78 Heavy 91 RED Narender Delhi  Finals
BLUE Manoj Kumar RSPB
79 Super Heavy +91 RED Gurinderjit Singh Jharkhand  Finals
BLUE Parveen Kumar Delhi

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